Review of RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer    

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer   

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer


RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer                            RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer



There are enormous amount of various germs and bacteria found in common spaces and utensils that we used every single day. Most of us usually don’t think much about this since these germs and bacterias are invisible to us. However, the truth is that they exist in almost everything that we touched such as our mobile phones, cutlery, remote controls, cook wares, feeding bottles, wallets, books, utensils and etc.

This is where the award winning RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer from South Korea comes into handy. RayQueen UV Sterilizer is a very popular household brand in Korea and widely used not only in homes but also in many food establishments in Korea.


Product Description

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer

  • RayQueen UV Sterilizer is quite easy to operate. It uses high frequency UV-C light rays to kill or inactivate the micro-organisms. The unit comes with OSRAM HNS 6W Germicidal UV tube which is ozone-free and with low mercury content. The UV lamp, with a dominant wavelength of 254 nm, is very effective and environmental friendly disinfection without chemical.

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer


  • Ease of maintenance and cleanliness is very important. The interior of RayQueen is made from great quality Hyundai BNG SS304 high quality Stainless Steel.

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer



  • The model JHS-400 comes in very generous volume too. As a result, the space is capable to sterilize at least twelve (12) baby feeding bottles as well as other large items. We have tried before sterilizing a mid-sized lady leather hand-bag!


RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer


  • RayQueen JHS-400 comes with an automatic ventilation. It comes with a ventilation fan fitted inside that circulates fresh air throughout.

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer

  • One distinct feature that stood out for RayQueen is it low temperature sterilization. RayQueen employs heated air drying method via PTC heater technology, that keeps sterilization at max 40 deg C. At 40 deg C, it will not change the shape of object being sterilized but making sure the object is completely dry at the same time. With PTC heater, the energy consumption is at very low 90W.

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer


  • Other important feature, that RayQueen UV sterilizer has, includes a very good and practical safety features. It comes with a tinted glass door that prevents excessive exposure to the UV-C ray, door ON/OFF switch to stop sterilizing if the door is opened half-way through, and an automatic overheating preventing device.


How to use the UV Sterilizer?

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer


Operating RayQueen Sterilizer is real easy. There is only one rotating dial to operate.  Just turn the dial to either left or right and press to select. The indicator will show the course selected and the countdown timer will start.

The unit comes with 3 different course of sterilization.

  • Course 1 – 10 minutes of full sterilization.

This course goes through a complete 10 minutes of UV sterilisation. Upon completion of 10 minutes, it continues to be on stand-by sterilisation mode. Every time the door is opened and closed, a 10 minutes of sterilisation begins.

Choose this course for objects such as mobile phones, remote controllers, papers, bags and etc. Use for dry objects only.


  • Course 2 – 20 minutes of drying + 10 minutes of sterilisation.

In this course, the first 20 minutes will be dedicated for drying the object inside the sterilizer. From 21st to 30th minute, it would sterilized the object using the UV lamp.

Therefore, choose this course for objects that have been washed but still wet such as feeding bottles, cutlery, plates, bibs, cups, toothbrush,  shavers, beauty tools, combs, cook wares and etc.


  • Course 3 – 60 minutes in total (2 cycles of Course 2 as above)

It consists of first 20 mins of drying follow by 10 mins of sterilisation and another similar cycle again.

Similarly, choose this course for objects that are very wet and take a long time to dry like towels, table rags, plush toys, dish cloths, baby pillows, and etc.



How do you know this UV Sterilizer by RayQueen is effective?

The manufacturer had commissioned a testing laboratory (Korea Testing and Research Institute) in Korea to certify their effectiveness.

See extract copy of the test report.

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer


The sterilizing ability drops by 99.9%.

The UV sterilizer has also received multiple certifications from recognised certification bodies including US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer



What is included in the package?

The RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer by Hi-Tech (AEM) Pte Ltd comes specifically with our local warranty of 6 months, operating manual in english, local 3-pin plug, 2 pcs of stainless steel shelf and a plastic tray.

RayQueen Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer


Key parameters:

  • Dimensions (mm) : ​290 (W) x 430 (D) 405 (H)
  • Weight : ​5 kg
  • Voltage/Frequency : ​220 V / 60 Hz
  • Power : ​90 W
  • Drying method: Heated air drying by PTC heater
  • Sterilizing method: UV-C germicidal lamp 6W
  • Plug : UK 3-pin plug
  • Colour : Wine red or Silver
  • Warranty: Local warranty 6 months.




  • We have been representing RayQueen since 2017 and have been selling hundreds of such products locally. It is a very effective and a versatile product that can be used to sterilized any objects as it is operating on low heat basis. Apart from having to replace the UV lamp after using for 2 years, this unit has been very reliable.
  • The spacious volume allows even bigger object to be sterilized.
  • Test reports suggest that kills off up to 99.9% of bacterias.
  • Because of its versatility, we have seen a high demand from young mothers and also from childcare centres and pre-schools, especially so during this Covid-19 period.

For more information call Hi-Tech (AEM) Pte Ltd at 6749 3003 or click on the following links to make a purchase