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One-stop repair and maintenance services

Company Profile:

As Singapore’s leading premier supplier, we offer a one-stop repair and maintenance services for all your drinking needs. Our skilled technical staffs are capable of repairing and maintaining all makes of water coolers, instant boilers and water dispensers.

We take time to understand your requirements and recommend a maintenance program to meet your needs. We can also arrange for a loan unit while your machine is being serviced or repaired at our workshop

For Water Coolers, Boilers and Dispensers

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at tel 6749 3003 to find out more about the following services

As part of our after-sales service, we will help our customers to work out a regular maintenance service contract for their water cooler, instant boilers, water dispensers and the filtration systems. We do have specific maintenance programmes – monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and half-yearly – each programme is customised to meet your needs after taking into considerations your usage patterns and infra-structures conditions.

We also offer comprehensive maintenance contract. Under the comprehensive maintenance contract period, the fee will include unlimited repairs and replacement of ALL parts and labour charges.

We will disassemble all parts such as faucets, hot and cold tanks, reservoir, float valve, tubings, drip tray and etc for a thorough clean. External surface will be cleaned and polished to remove stains and minor scratches.

A temporary replacement unit will be provided (subject to availability)

Our field service teams are capable to assist in diagnosing and repairing ALL brands of water coolers, instant boilers, water dispensers and filtration systems. We can offer replacement of parts as well as modification services to your existing machines.