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Hyflux Alkaline-3 UF Drinking Water System


Antioxidant Alkaline filter reduces free radicals and increase pH level of your drinking water. Utilizing Hyflux’s proprietary ultra-filtration (UF) hollow-fiber membrane technology that blocks out impurities up to 0.01 microns. Unit comes with counter-top Hyflux drinking faucet. Price includes GST and installation.

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• Remove 99.9999% bacteria, reduces most viruses and cycts
• Removal of chlorine by more than 90%
• With micro-clustering to promote moisture absorption & revitalize body cells
• Hassle-free dry DIY cartridge replacement with auto-shut off design
• Lifespan for all 3 cartridges is 12 months
• PUB Water Efficiency Labelling System (WELS) Certified Drinking Faucet
• Dimensons 29(W) x 11(D) x 34(H) cm

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 29 x 11 x 34 cm

Package Content

• 1 pc of PUB Water Efficient Label Faucet (Tap)
• 3m length of PP 6mm tubing
• 1 set of 3 cartridges for HF1P-3AA
• 1 cartridge header
• 1 pc mounting bracket and screws
• Push fit connectors
• PVC push fit stop valve

Operational Instructions

Click here to download the Manual/Flyer


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