Product Review of Hyundai Waco Ultra-Filtration (UF) Hollow Fibres Membrane

Hyundai Wacotec Ultra-Filtration (UF) filter is best suited in removing high molecular weight substances, colloidal materials, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules and bacteria up to 99.99% except minerals. Filtration pore size is up to 0.03 micron (or 0.03 millimeters). This means, any substances or micro-organisms that larger than 0.03 micron will be filtered off. 

Hyundai Waco Ultra-Filtration (UF) Hollow Fibres Membrane  Hyundai Waco Ultra-Filtration (UF) Hollow Fibres Membrane

Specification of UF Membrane Filter


UF Membrane Filter
Max Flow Rate 0.5 GPM(1.9Lit)
Working Pressure 14 ~ 57 psi (1 ~ 4kgf/㎠)
Temperature 33 ~ 100’F (4 ~ 38℃)
Capacity 5,000 Gal (18,900Lit)
Service Life About 18 to 24 months
Evaporated remains Below 500 ppm or less



Characteristics of Ultra-filtration (UF) Membrane

There are few important characteristics of a good UF membrane.

Firstly,  a UF membrane comes with pore sizes in the range of 0.03 to 0.05 micron. They are usually used to remove high molecular-weight substances (such as sediments and suspended solids), colloidal materials, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules and bacteria. However, ions and minerals in the water will be allowed to pass through.

Secondly, because of the structural construction and polymeric nature of the UF, they can operate in low pressure.  This makes the water pressure found in our homes more than sufficient to achieve high flow rates from an ultra-filtration membrane. Flow rate of a membrane is defined as the amount of permeate (product flow after filtration) produced per unit. In this case, Hyundai  Wacotec UF filter shows excellent water permeability.

In addition, operating in low water pressure also means the set-up need not required any mechanical or electrical power to assist. As a result, it makes the operating cost more economical and more affordable to many homes.

What can a UF filtered off?

The illustration below shows what are the elements that can be filtered off by Ultra-filtration filters and what are allowed to pass through.  Do note that monovalent and multivalent ions that are essential for our bodies are allowed to pass through the UF filters. However, others such as viruses, bacterias, micro-organisms and suspended solids such as rusts, heavy metals and etc will be filtered off.

Hyundai Waco Ultra-Filtration (UF) Hollow Fibres Membrane

Specification of Hyundai Wacotec UF Hollow Fiber Element Material
Parameter Specifications Conditions
Material Polysulfone
Outer Diameter 450+_20 um
Inner Diameter 270+_15 um
Particle Size cut off < 0.03 um 20℃, 1kg/㎠
Pure water Flux 50L / min.㎡ 20℃, 1kg/㎠, initial rate
Operation Pressure 0.5~0.4kg/㎠ 20~30℃

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Hyundai Wacotec UF filter, the manufacturer had conducted a laboratory test and below is the outcome: –

Hyundai Waco Ultra-Filtration (UF) Hollow Fibres Membrane

The above laboratory result shows that the Hyundai Wacotec UF filter removes 100% all bacteria and other Micro-organisms while allowing the important minerals and ions to pass through.

Hyundai Waco Ultra-Filtration (UF) Hollow Fibres Membrane

• The above test was certified by KOTRIC (Korea Testing & Research Institute for Chemical Industry)

This Hyundai Wacotec UF filter also comes with NSF certified components (Tested and Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 42). A NSF certified means that the filter is manufactured according to stringent standards,  using only approved materials and processes that required for drinking water. At the same time, this UF filter also comes with America’s  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification.


Hyundai Waco Ultra-Filtration (UF) Hollow Fibres Membrane


The service life for this filter is rather long at 18,900 liters. For a typical household with 4 family members, this service life means that the UF filter could last up to 24 months before replacement of filter kicks in.


Hyundai Wacotec UF Filter is a very good filter that can be used to pair up with other in-line filters such as Hy-Q Aqua Pre-Carbon, Post-Carbon and even Nano-PH Alkaline filters. Based on the filter specifications and performance, it can be safely said that this filter performs at very high level of filtration. Test report indicated that it is able to filter off bacterias, viruses  and other living micro-organisms found in the water.

With filtration capacity of 5000 gal (or 18,900 liters), it can be safely said that the life span for any homes usage should be around 2 years before replacement kicks in. Therefore, this filter is a good fit to supplement all range of our water dispensers and water coolers products. Or it could also be used on its own without any dispensers.

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