Product Description


Introducing the top of our lifestyle range of products, Hyflux DEW D800 water dispenser dispenses  hot, cold and ambient water immediately! The intelligent DEW D800 is able to track the lifespan of your water filtration system at home, making your kitchen environment smarter!


Compatible with either Hyflux’s water filtration system or to that of our very own Hy-Q Aqua brand from Korea, the DEW D800 can dispense water at three temperatures – Ambient, hot (> 90 °C) and cold (< 15 °C). It can also alert you when you need to change your filtration system – the “H” in the centre of the dial will turn red.


The DEW D800 Water Dispenser comes with a smart control panel with sensitive touch keys. It is also user-friendly and comes with a child-lock key (great for families with young children).


It consumes only 510W of electricity, which is lower than that of an electric kettle (typically around 1200W), as well as a microwave with a turntable (900W). Worried about electricity consumption?  You can even choose to save power by selecting the ECO mode on the dispenser. An Eco-Mode function can help you save energy when it is idle and the automatic reheat button warms up your water in a matter of minutes.



Key parameters:


  • Dimensions (mm) : ​440 (W) x 270 (D) 570 (H)
  • Weight : ​4.5kg
  • Voltage/Frequency : ​220 V / 50 Hz
  • Power : ​510 W
  • Water heating capability :4 L/h (≥ 90 °C)
  • Water cooling capability : ​0.4 L/h (≤ 15 °C)
  • Hot water capacity : ​0.8 L
  • Cold water capacity : ​0.4 L
  • Feed water type : ​Filtered water
  • Feed water pressure ​1- 4 bar


With a depth of only 270 mm, there’s more than enough space for the Hyflux DEW D800  water dispenser in your BTO small kitchen. Alternatively you can have it mounted on the kitchen wall to release more space on your kitchen top.  Having cold water readily available at the touch of a button also provides a welcome relief from the hot weather that we have in Singapore. You can also enjoy good quality filtered water that is important to your health.



Wall Mount option. 


Having a set of DEW D800 not only means you won’t have to constantly  boiling water, setting it aside separately to let it cool, it will also mean that you can clear away all of your plastic jugs, your kettle and your thermal flasks – and that is a lot of space saved! With DEW D800 you get either hot, cold or ambient water instantly at the touch of your finger.






The DEW D800 also incorporate a smart re-boil function for continual availability of hot water within minutes.

With DEW D800, it gives you clean drinking water at your fingertips. A dream come true for a home size water dispenser that gives you a cup of ice cool water or hot drinking water at anytime!


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Hyflux Water Dispenser DEW D800