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Torayvino household water purifiers is No. 1 popular water purifiers in Japan*  (*Brand awareness research by Toray in Year 2012)

TORAYVINO™ is a home water purifier series that combines Toray’s developed hollow-fiber membrane and activated carbon technologies. These purifiers excel in eliminating residual chlorine, turbidity, rust, general bacteria and other micro-contamination. Toray products sold under this brand include systems designed to connect directly to a faucet, such as the TORAYVINO™ MK303, which meets all of the 12 JIS tests stipulated for household water purifiers, as well as stand-alone and under-the-sink models an pot models.

The Torayvino MK303-EG faucet water filter removes the dirt and odor from the water. Compact and easy to install, the water purification filter enhances your daily life by removing bacteria, harmful organic compounds and chlorine while keeping all the good minerals in your water with a double filtration system. It employs Toray’s propriety 4-stage filtration technology.

Stage 1 filtration (pre-screen) removes sediments, rust and bigger particles. Stage 2 filtration (Granular Activated Carbon) removes residual chlorine and water odour from the unfiltered water. Stage 3 (Activated coral powder) to remove excess chlorine and other odour. Stage 4 employs multilayer hollow membrane filtration that removes rust, bacteria, coliform bacilli, microorganisms and
microscopic impurities from water and other liquid solutions
without removing calcium, magnesium and other minerals
essential to the human body.

Installation is very simple. It is a DIY type. The package comes with multi-adapters that fit most of the tap sizes in Singapore and also installation manual.

MK303-EG comes with three optional mode of filtration via a selector switch.


             Filtered                         Unfiltered                         Unfiltered
(Shower)                         (Shower)                           (Straight)

The purpose of the selector switch is to allow user to select when to use filtered water and also when to use unfiltered water. This would help to prolong the filter filtration life span as we generally do not need filtered water during washing of dishes.

The filter cartridge comes with see-through window.  Here you can monitor the cartridge life span.  Simply remove the filter cap to check on the contaminants build-up inside the fibres through the See-through Window. When water flow is low, it is time to replace the cartridge.

Key Features of MK303-EG

  1. High flow rate of 2 liters per minute.
  2. Advance quick-twist mechanism makes changing filter easy and quick
  3. see-through window shows you when to replace the filter
  4. Multi-adapters for quick and easy DIY installation.
  5. This model comes with a 1,500 liters filtration capacity.
  6. Unit is completely Made in Japan.

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Torayvino Faucet Mount MK303-EG Water Filtration System

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This news first appeared on Strait’s Times on 1 Aug 2018.  Are you surprised that the whole nation used a total of 467 million of PET bottles a year.? 467 million of PET bottles would stretch as far as 300 km if the bottles are lined up end-to-end or approximate 6 times the length of Singapore. An astonishing figure for small country like Singapore.  Collectively let us all do our part to reduce the usage of PET bottles and help to keep our earth green. It is time to say NO to bottled water!!

We at Hi-Tech (AEM), together with our industry partners, can help organisations to reduce the usage of plastic bottles. Our machines can help to track reduction in plastic bottles usage in your organisations.

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